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Servicing you with hot and fresh web-based platters stir-fried in creativity, garnished with quality, and served with healthy helpings of brand elevation!

Communicate Your Brand Identity with Clear Emphasis

Brand Identity &

We are revolutionizing brand image broadcasting by focusing upon setting you apart from your competition and conveying your message in a unique and memorable fashion. We develop coherent and consistent brand strategies that are sustainable and targeted. Successful brand identities encompass a wide array of research, and yield guaranteed success. And that is exactly what our target is. Here are some of the things that we do to ensure that you are provided with an extraordinary brand design experience:

  • - Logo Design
  • - Research and Analysis
  • - Competitor Review
  • - Social Media Marketing
Redeveloping Design and Development

Website Design
& Development

We offer digitally transformative website design and development services that elevate your business to newer heights. We have expert web developers on board providing customizable web-application development services, and artistic web designers that create aesthetically fantastic web designs. Providing web-based products that enhance user experience, we deliver audience and brand-specific content that is attractive and theme-based. Legend Web Designs will service you with the following, and more:

  • - UI/UX
  • - Quality Assurance
  • - Multiple Feature Integration
  • - Mobile Compatibility
  • - Effective Navigation
Don’t Let Poorly Developed Mobile Apps Immobilize Your Business!

Mobile App

Catering specifically to your mobile marketing strategy and based on your targeted audience, mobile app development is key to expanding your business. Skillful mobile app developers deliver customized features, according to client requirements with cross-platform compatibility. Mobile app development requires extensive knowledge of mobile devices and their features. Our app developers are hoarding immense tech knowledge that they utilize fully in all of their projects.

  • - Mobile App UI/UX Design
  • - App Support and Maintenance
  • - Website Compatibility
  • - Widget development
  • - Hybrid App Development
Animated Videos Say It Best!


Nothing conveys a message better than a super cute animated character, immersive content, an active storyline, and visual data. In the age of data visualization, it is important that your content is equal parts visually appealing and well-written. With creative animators, brilliant storyboard creators, and talented voice-over artists on board, we deliver a final product that screams, ‘Amazing!’

We provide following services to make all of the above possible:

  • - Video production
  • - 2D and 3D Animation
  • - Storyboard Creation
  • - Scripting and Voice Over
  • - Video editing
Digitizing Markets and Promoting Interactivity


Digital channels are highly lucrative portals for advancing forward your advertising strategies and landing your business under global spotlight. Focusing marketing efforts solely onto the electronic sphere, digital marketing has revolutionized advertisement techniques and marketing products. From billboards to mobile apps, posters to web designs, and TV ads to animated videos, the marketing spectrum has vastly evolved and to keep up with these advancements, your brand needs to up its digital marketing game with the following services offered by Legend Web Designs.

  • - Pay Per Click
  • - Social Engine Optimization
  • - Social Media Optimization
  • - Lead Generation Services
  • - Inbound Marketing

Here are some elements key to our work ethic and company philosophy.


We run away from cringesome and meaningless web content at the speed of light. This reaction is not only because pointless content is inherently repulsive, but because it is amongst one of our most important company philosophies to design with responsibility, honesty, and meaning. We make sure that our clients are delivered with intriguing designs created in line with your brand identity, marketing essentials, and content integrity in abundance.


There is a difference between time utilized for the rejuvenation of creativity, and time wasted because of archaic management practices and administrative inefficiencies in workflow processes. At Legend Web Designs, the wastage of time is a cardinal sin. To maximize utility, we have lean teams on board that are minimizing logistical pauses by improving company processes and enabling greater productivity by expert facilitation.


You might laugh this one off as nonsensical rambling because what sort of a design agency does not have tech info? Well, they all do but you would be truly surprised to discover the authenticity and depth of that information. We have a talented team of web creators that are not only proficient at using top-technological software, but also possess immense knowledge on all of the latest happenings in the tech sphere.


Our clients are more than just our partners. As we collaborate and communicate on your precious project(s), we bond closer together over web designs and mobile apps and before you know it, boom! You are a much revered and admired part of the Legend Web Designs family! We treat all of our interactions and information correspondences with immense confidentiality, honesty, and sincerity.


From your hairdresser to your boss, don’t you just wish sometimes that all of these people would just maintain some silence and start acting upon on all of the things that they talk about all the time? We empathize with you, which is why we are not too big on words and long conversations; we would rather just get to work ASAP and dazzle you with our digital brilliance!


We will not waste your time and misplace our efforts by bugging you with ten web design samples just to make a show of our hard work; we would rather do that with one spellbinding sample, excellent enough to be directly processed onwards as the final version. We focus on delivering products that are high in quality and content, rather than sending in multiple versions compromised upon quality.

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